Mission and Values

Our mission is to lead people to loving relationships with and in Jesus Christ through: prayer, learning, sharing, & service.

How we live this out

While we recognize we are all journeying together we can help one another as we grow closer to God as a group of hikers can help one another overcome obstacles on a path.

We also recognize that Jesus said part of loving God is learning to love the people God loves and so we try to learn to love our neighbors.

We grow in love through prayer, listening to others, sharing our joys and struggles, and serving one another.

In all of this we seek to strenghten our bounds in our community and grow more like God.

Our Core Teachings

We believe that God created the world and expects humanity to govern the world as God's stewards.

God wants to have an unfiltered relationship with us, but due to human sin and selfishness we are unable to fully connect to God.

Jesus is God's fullest expression to humanity who taught us what it means for us to be fully human.

In his suffering, death, and resurrection Jesus opened a new connection to God through the Holy Spirit.

Believing in Jesus involves accepting this new relationship and being transformed through the Holy Spirit into fully alive, loving people capable of fully relating to God.